Galootapalooza Primer

Ga·loota·palooza   Noun.  
A summer get together in the Chicago area of galoots from far and wide.
First recorded use 1996.

Galootapalooza XVII should be August 4th and 5th, 2012. There was no Galootapalooza XVI.

Galootapalooza XVII Countdown

Currently Planned
Possible/Past activities for Saturday (we were actively seeking your input!)

Nothing will be scheduled until interest is shown- so speak up!

Past Galootapalooza events Galootapalooza Hosts
Past and Present
  • Drawbore pin demo
  • An infill making class tought by Ben Knebel and Doug Evans- purveyors of the then Shepherd Tool company.
  • A foundry tour
  • A Shaker Box making class
  • Heat treating demo
  • Patternmaking demo
  • Epoxy Trick demo
  • Violin maker's shop tour
  • Saw sharpening demo
  • Shell carving class
  • Spoke shave making class
  • Metal dovetail peening demo
  • Bow saw making class
  • Saw evolution presentation
  1. Ralph Brendler
  2. Russ Allen
  3. Mike Lindgren
  4. Jerry Serviss
  5. Doug McLerran
  6. Mike Lindgren
  7. Wes Groot
  8. Mike Duchaj
  9. Mike Duchaj
  10. John Meikrantz
  11. Mike Duchaj
  12. Slav Jelesiljevich
  13. Slav Jelesiljevich
  14. Wes Groot
  15. Russ Allen
  16. ??
  17. ??
  • Gill Chesbro snags a 112 for $60 at the flea market. (Galootapalooza III)
  • Tod Herrli does a heat treating demo at about 9pm on Jerry Serviss' driveway. The next year Jerry moves. (Galootapalooza IV)
  • billp scores a mother lode of wood en route to Galootapalooza XI.
  • Ralph Brendler snags a Stickley Brother's rocker at the flea market. (Galootapalooza XII)

Web Resources

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 Galootapalooza Posts¹Links
  • Joe Palazzolo's web page
  • Wes Groot's web page
  • Ralph's GIII page seems to be gone?
VI available soon? ever? Ok, who took pictures?
Don't tell me we have to wait for film to be developed!
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XII Cian's woodnet post about Slav's shop
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¹ Most are links to Chris Swingley's oldtools archive egroups/yahoo.
² Brought back from the brink of extinction by The Internet Archive

Galootapalooza XVIII would be August 3rd and 4th, 2013.
Algorithm for determining the date: It's the first Sunday of August and the preceding Saturday.
(Honestly, I didn't make it up!)
Speak up if you'd like to be the host, otherwise Jerry will assign one :-)