Editor's note
What folows is a copy of Ralph's post. The email address given is no longer valid and his web page has a new url: http://www.brendlers.net/oldtools/
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 96 09:26:00 cdt
From: Ralph Brendler
Subject: Chicago "Galootapalooza"

Esteemed Galoots:

Announcing the first annual GALOOTAPALOOZA!

That wacky bunch of flatlanders, the Midwest Galoots, have decided
that one major event per year is JUST NOT ENOUGH!  We are planning
an entire weekend of neanderthal debauchery in the Chicago area to
coincide with the August 4th EAIA/M-WTCA meet in La Fox, IL.

The event will be co-hosted by Jerry Serviss and myself, with tentative   
plans including:

 - A Saturday afternoon of scrounging at the Kane County Flea
  Market in Geneva, IL.

 - An evening BBQ at my place in Oak Park.

 - "Show and Tell" (this time with a workbench and some wood)!

 - An early Sunday trip to the joint EAIA/M-WTCA swap meet at
  Garfield Farm in La Fox.

If you will be in the Chicago area that weekend and would like to
hang with a couple of other online lowbrows, please RSVP to me
(ralph@spss.com) so I can make arrangements.  Please indicate if
you need a hotel, and if you would be willing to share a hotel
room (and save some $$$ for tools).

More details will be sent to the participants as the date

Ralph Brendler (ENB/FOYBIPO)   Chicago, IL