Editor's notes
The images don't look great- they're scans of an old printout I had! I hope to replace them soon with the original images

Images of Galootapalooza '96

(Cake, courtesy of Karen & Jerry Serviss)

The Beer-B-Q bunch:

Left to right: Lee Sudlow (official brewmaster of the Galoot Nation), Steve Mashl, Russ Allen, Mike Davies, Jerry Serviss, Ralph Brendler.

We had a few no-shows and late cancellations, but that worked out well-just meant the ones who showed up had more hefeweizen! Beeer was outstanding (as I have come to expect from Lee), the food was good and lot of interesting stuff was brought for show and tell!

About half of us managed to bag some iron at the Kane County Flea Market (the mosh pit for galootapalooza) before the barbecue, so there was also lots of new stuff to fondle. Weather was nice, if a bit on the warm side, but there was no danger of dehydration with this group...

Show and Tell:

Jerry, Lee and Mike discuss the intricacies of toolbox design over chips and beer.

Everyone brought some nice goodies for show and tell, highlighted by the ceremonial poring-over of a life-size poster of the infamous Studly toolchest. We also got to take a look at the two planes Russ made from his recently documented plane making class in Indianapolis--Very nice indeed. There was also a great deal of showing off of the day's flea market acquistions (and much speculation on the value of keeping sets together, but we won't go into that).
One notable point was that Mike Davies officially trod onto the path of no return, having bought his first few wooden molders. It always starts small, but the next thing you know you're building massive toolchest to hold your ever-growing set of woodies... :-)

Steve Mashl checks out my UB plane during the shop tour.

The culmination of the evenings show and tell was a tour of my shop (official shop motto: watch you head), and the unveiling of my new toolchest. I don't think there were any serious head injuries caused by my low ductwork, so I concider the evening a smashing success.

Down on the Farm:

Jerry, complete with shopping bag, checks out a table at the swap meet.

Early Sunday morning brought the main focus of the weekend: the joint EAIA/MWTCA swap meet at Garfield Farm in La Fox, IL. Even after a night of partying, everyone managed to make it before 8 am (very impressive). There were also several other galoots who were unable to atend the BBQ for various reasons (You'd have to be "plane crazy" to lock your key ring and spare key inside the car, I think), so we were quite an impressinve sight. I must say, the "Galoot" hats made quite an impression on the local tool collecting cognoscenti!

The entire Galootapalooza cast standing in front of Mike Urness' sale table (from left to right): Lee Sudlow, Mike Urness, Mike Lindgren, Mike Davies, Jerry Serviss, Steve Mashl, Russ Allen, Harry Doscher, Ralph Brendler.

All in all a great weekend, and I really look forward to doing it again.