My "new" router plane

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This is the router plane that sent me on an interesting patent search odyssey. The thumbscrew is marked Pat June 9, 1925 on one side and Economy on the other. I believe that the thumbscew is patent¹ 1,541,518 Thumb or wing screw. This patent has also been entered into Datamp (Directory of American Tool and Machinery Patents).

¹Note: in order to view patents at the USPTO site you'll need a tiff plugin for your browser. Something like AlternaTiff- freeware from
Update: the uspto web site is using pdf's now! A tiff viewer is no longer required! I've updated the links on this page to show the pdf's instead.

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¹"shotgun" refers to a particular screen layout I like to use. It's used in on a lot of my patent pages. On the left hand side are links you can click on. The results of these clicks are shown on the right side of the screen. The links are the patent number which brings up the first page of the patent, a [D] link which checks for the patent in the database, a [U] link which will bring up a page showing the patent classification and a [S] link, when present, will bring up the patent specification page (generally the first non picture page showing among other things, the patentee's name, city and state). The [G] link will bring up the patent at google where a tiff viewer is not needed.