Future Home of None Such Tool Werks

For now it's just Russ' home page (the original was http://home.xnet.com/~rcallen/)

My interests

Casting/Pattern making

  • Casting
  • Pattern maker's tools
    • One of my pattern makers planes Doesn't everyone have more than one? A second pattern maker's plane is listed in the patterns section.
    • Roover's embossing press (it was used to make the metal strip above)
    • Router Planes Page o' router planes no two the same so I couldn't possibly be a collector!
    • fillet plane slide show- created after receiving a request from Norway for more information!
    • A patented machine for making core boxes
    • Core box plane
    • Shrink rules
    • a graphically intense montage of the rest of my collection
  • Patterns
    • My chariot plane pattern.
    • My fire hydrant pattern Or is it? One reader suggests it's a pattern for a single cylinder, two stroke engine.
    • Cast iron doorstops Is it a doorstop or chisel plane?
    • my anvil pattern page
    • Scraper plane project for Scott Grandstaff. This plane is shown in the recent Tools & Shops issue of Fine Woodworking! (issue 174)
    • A scraper plane similar to a Stanley 112
    • my other pattern makers plane and pattern
    • My son's cradle (yes it required a casting!)
    • my bronze scraper plane 12" version of a Stanley 112
    • my second attempt at a scraper plane this time in iron.
    • molding plane parts
  • Foundry Tools
  • On pattern making


  • A patented router part and other patent info
  • My patent related display from the Fall 2005 mwtca (Mid-West Tool Collectors Association) national tool meet. Don't let the name fool you- there are members in every state. It started in the Midwest 40 years ago.
  • A patented machine for making core boxes
    I'm guessing I'm the only one on my block who has one
  • A patented forge and blower I came across in Mesa Arizona
  • A little bit of information on The Lauber patented tool handles.


  • Important update: Some of Jim Kingshott's grandson's tools have been stolen. Details here
    If you've vistited my Kingshott Shrine page you will know how horrible this is to hear.
  • Galootapalooza (annual Oldtools get together)
  • perfect screw driver repair
    The ultimate in extreme makeovers!
  • letting an emmert clone into a workbench
    take a stand on whether to have an Emmert clone stand proud of the bench or let into it
  • my preston mitre templets
    with a little catalogue help from a guy down under. Thanks Tony!
  • An infill plane I traded for
  • The Arlington Heights Historical Society
  • My involvement with Habitat For Humanity
  • My summer vaction making a wooden plane
  • Links to plane makers I know
    • Wayne Anderson infill maker
    • Tod Herrli- wooden plane maker (and instructor) extraordinaire. (note new url)
    • Tod's video and now DVD are available from ALP Productions Note the video to dvd upgrade offer! Reminded me of the joy of sending in cereal box tops as a child. Other woodworking titles are asloavailable from them.
    • Wooden plane makers Old Street Tool, Inc. formerly Clark & Williams
    • St. James Bay Tool Company metal planes and kits etc