Lauber Tool Handles

Wooden Lauber tool handles were patented by William Lauber of Milwaukee, WI. His grandson John had a display at a mwtca meet outside Milwaukee a few years ago. He said that a lot of the company's records were thrown away. In addition to wooden handles he had some letterhead and a cool hollow metal casting and pattern that was the handle for a soldering iron. A casting turned up on the 'bay and I bought it:

It's about 5 inches long and about 1 3/8 inches in diameter at the widest point.

Here is one of the pictures I sent John from a patten making supply catalog I have:

Here's the letter I received back on Lauber letterhead that John had recreated. (with edits to remove an address and phone number)

Additionally William Lauber held patents for a rotary engine 871,125, clothespins 1,507,072 and container bung 2,096,432

There is additional information in issue 15 of the Gristmill (March 1979) or in the Gristmill Reprint of 2000 on page 13.