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21. A rare cast brass "HOWARD PATENT" BEVEL by L.D. Howard of Vermont. The Patent date of November 5, 1867 is cast in the body of the tool. 75 - 150
24. A PATENT IMPROVED HOLLOW AUGER, No. 6001, by The James Swan Company, Seymour, Connecticut. This very well made specialty tool was patented on May 29, 1894. It is in new condition in its original box. 100 - 200
38. A pair of SIDE RABBET PLANES, No. 98 and 99, by STANLEY. These early examples were patented January 29, 1885. They are in clean and usable condition. 125 - 250
41. A COMBINATION NUT AND BUGGY WRENCH by the Portland Wrench Company in the rare 5" size. The upper jaw is imprinted with the Patent date of October 16, 1883. 100 - 200
45. An extremely rare CRANK-ADJUST NUT WRENCH by MORANGE, patented February 19, 1907. The flip-top end cover on this patented wrench opens to reveal a crank much like that found on a tape measure. The inside of the cap is inscribed to show the precise movement of the jaws for each fractional turn of the crank. An idea whose time never came. A GREAT wrench. 250 - 500
53. A PATENT PIVOT JAW WRENCH by M.W. & Company, Framingham, Massachusetts in the rare 8" size. This wrench was patented on June 15, 1897 and features a spring-activated upper jaw to quickly lock the nut in place. A clean and clearly marked example. 150 - 300
59. A CABINETMAKER'S COMBINATION SAW by Geo. H. Bishop & Company, Cincinnati, Ohio. The 8" length blade is etched with the maker name and the January 6, 1906 patent date. A nice example in excellent working order. 125 - 250
70. A BILLINGS PATENT NUT WRENCH by the Billings & Spencer Company, Hartford, Connecticut. This superb example is imprinted with the Patent date of February 18, 1879 and the designation KEATING WHEEL COMPANY. An uncommon Nineteenth Century wrench in nearly new condition. 75 - 150
71. An early patent COMBINATION RULE by E.S. Smith & Company, Rockford, Illinois. This nearly perfectly preserved example was Patented on October 24, 1876. It incorporates the function of an extension rule, shrinkage rule and more. A superb example. 100 - 200
107. A pair of painted coping saws, both patented June 18, 1878, to include one with an iron handle and a second with a turned ROSEWOOD handle. Nearly all of the original decorative paint remains. 125 - 250
139. A WOOD'S PATENT LEVEL by Tower & Lyon, New York, New York. This brass-bound rosewood level, which was Patented on June 14, 1887 is fitted with retractable pop-up sights. A scarce special purpose level. 100 - 200
152. A shoulder rabbet metallic plane, No. 1507 1/2, by Sargent & Company. patented June 23, 1914. Complete with all original parts, this Sargent classic is one of the most easily recognizable tools ever produced. Referred to as the "Lady Bug" plane by modern collectors, it is not likely that Sargent sold very many of these. Of those that were sold, most quickly became separated from their principal parts and, at least for the sake of future collectors, deteriorated significantly in value. This one is proudly offered without apology. 1000 - 2000
153. A very well preserved C.B. ROSE PATENT BRACE by the Millers Falls Company. This brace, which was patented on April 16, 1867 is seldom found in this, the smallest sweep offered at 6". 75 - 150
194. A PATENT THRESHOLD GAUGE by D.W. Macker, North Grafton, Massachusetts, patented August 6, 1889. This uncommon gauge is in new condition in its original box. 200 - 400
210. Two clean STANLEY marking gauges, including No. 85 and No. 85 1/2. The No. 85 has the rare "Stanley" imprint and the No. 85 1/2 is marked with the August 5, 1873 patent date. 125 - 250
225. A PATENT MAHOGANY INCLINOMETER LEVEL by L.L. Davis, Springfield, Massachusetts. This level incorporates the inclinometer patented of September 17, 1867. The original owner has inlaid two small brass strips on the top of the level, but the tool is otherwise perfect and original. A very nice example of a rare and early inclinometer level. 750 - 1500
230. A set of three "POLLY" ADJUSTABLE WRENCHES the by Gellman Wrench Corp., Rock Island, Illinois, Patented April 17, 1923. All three wrenches are in virtually new condition. A nice set. 150 - 300
271. A ROSEWOOD PLUMB & LEVEL, No. 10, by Stratton Brothers, Greenfield, Massachusetts, patented March 1, 1870. 98% of the original lacquer finish remains on this superb, small brass bound level. 300 - 600
296. A 12" sweep RATCHET BRACE by Davis Level & Tool Company, Springfield, Massachusetts. This distinctive brace is fitted with a handle and knob of brown India rubber and is imprinted on the chuck with the April 5, 1887 patent date. A distinctive early brace from a prominent Nineteenth Century American toolmaker. 200 - 400
307. An early patent CAST IRON SPOKE SHAVE by J.G. Stieger, Cleveland, Ohio. The body is imprinted with the Patent date of April 3, 1866. A rare and early patented spokeshave in excellent collector quality condition. 200 - 400
317. Two uncommon BUGGY WRENCHES including an example of the MC FARLAND PATENT and another made in Augusta, Maine. 125 - 250
318. A CAST IRON SIGHTING LEVEL by C.F. Richardson, Athol, Massachusetts, patented August 16, 1887. This well preserved early level, which is complete with its original tripod has been protected by the presence of its original wooden case. 125 - 250
321. A PATENT ADJUSTABLE HOLLOW AUGER, No. 248 1/2, by Goodell-Pratt Company, patented December 5, 1911 in new condition in its original box. 100 - 200
322. An EARLY PATENT BUGGY WRENCH, patented May 22, 1874. An uncommon early carriage wrench in excellent condition. 100 - 200
352. A FRANKLIN'S PATENT BLOCK PLANE by the U.S. Shoe Machine Company, Patented May 6, 1873. A well preserved example of an uncommon special purpose patented plane. 100 - 200
363. Two early patent braces by QUIMBY S. BACKUS, Holyoke, Massachusetts. One has an extra large chuck and the other is marked with a November 1873 patent date. 200 - 400
372. An interesting and unusual PATENT SQUARE AND INCLINOMETER LEVEL by The Standard Framer Company. The patent date of June 1, 1920 is imprinted on the body of this rare multi-purpose tool. 100 - 200
378. A rare SOLON RUST PATENT PLOW PLANE by H. Chapin, Union Factory. The patent date of March 31, 1868 is imprinted on the body of this most desirable adjustable plow plane. 2000 - 4000
388. A rosewood three-stem "Scholl's patent" marking gauge by C. Scholl, Patented March 8, 1854. A scarce patented marking gauge in clean and sound condition. 225 - 450
398. A rare BLIND NAILING CHISEL GAUGE, No. 96, by STANLEY. The side of this early and uncommon Stanley offering is marked with the patent date of April 10, 1888. . 100 - 200
399. A WILLIAM WEBSTER PATENT WRENCH by Webster & Company, New York, New York. This most unusual combination pipe and nut wrench was patented on February 9, 1864. Condition is near new. 250 - 500
403. A clean and sound cast iron double plumb & level, No. 7, by the DAVIS LEVEL & TOOL COMPANY, Springfield, Massachusetts, Patented May 29, 1877. Some 90% of the original paint remains on this graphic, early level. 200 - 400
421. A most unusual ROSEWOOD & BRONZE MARKING GAUGE marked with the patent date of October 20, 1896 in the pivoting adjustable bronze head. A most interesting and scarce patented marking gauge. 150 - 300
434. A cast iron DOUBLE PLUMB & LEVEL, No. 8, by the Davis Level & Tool Company, Springfield, Massachusetts, Patented May 29, 1877. Some 90% of the original paint remains on this early level with elaborate cast filigree design. A graphic level in excellent condition. 250 - 500
438. A cast iron jointer gauge, No. 386, by STANLEY. This body of this perfectly preserved example is imprinted with the Patent date of April 1, 1913. It is in new condition in its original box. 125 - 250
470. A scraper plane, No. 83, by STANLEY. Nearly all of the original nickel plating remains on this uncommon roller blade scraper. The body is marked with the patent date of February 4, 1896. 80 - 160
495. Several years ago, two tools, a brace and a wrench, both produced by N.H. Griffith in accordance with the specifications contained in a November 24, 1885 patent, showed up at a local New England auction. It is believed that these are the only two examples of the Griffith patent ever produced. The mechanism employs a crank behind the jaws to precisely regulate their width. A unique wrench that is clearly marked with both the maker name and patent date. Important. 1250 - 2500
497. A CORE BOX PLANE, No. 57, by STANLEY. The body of this very well preserved example is marked with the patent date of March 10, 1896. A later, fitted wooden case is also included. 350 - 750
500. An "ODD JOBS" COMBINATION TOOL, No. 1, by STANLEY. This early example was patented January 25, 1887 and is in nearly new condition in the early Stanley GREEN BOX. 1000 - 2000
502. A rare and very well preserved PATENT BENCH MICROMETER by Randall & Stickney, Waltham, Massachusetts. This early micrometer was produced under a patent issued on August 21, 1883. It retains much of its original pinstripe decoration. 150 - 300
506. A "NESTER'S PATENT" MARKING GAUGE by John Nester, Portland, Oregon. This well preserved gauge was patented on December 31, 1867 and is in excellent collector quality condition. 200 - 400
544. A rare PATENT REMOVABLE HANDLE PLOW PLANE by the Multiform Molding Plane Company, Patented August 29, 1854. The original and proper handle is fashioned from beech. 1000 - 2000
545. A rare four-stem "SCHOLL'S PATENT" MARKING GAUGE by C. Scholl. The body of this extra clean example is marked with the Patent date of March 8, 1854. 250 - 500
548. An example of MME. KELLOGG'S PATENT TAILOR'S SQUARE by Kellogg, Battle Creek, Michigan, patented December 25, 1883. A graphic patented tailor's rule in nearly new condition. 75 - 150
549. A rare "HOWARD PATENT" BEVEL by L.D. Howard. The brass body is cast with the patent date of November 5, 1867. This scarce variation includes a level in the body of the bevel. A nice example. 250 - 500
562. A PATENT INCLINOMETER LEVEL by Edward Helb, Railroad, Pennsylvania, patented July 12, 1904. A clean and complete example of a desirable and complex patented inclinometer. 200 - 400
593. A collection of four combination pipe and nut wrenches by the DIAMOND WRENCH COMPANY, Portland, Maine. All were patented October 16, 1883. Sizes included are 6", 8", 10" and 12". 120 - 240
612. A lot of FIVE COMBINATION WRENCHES by various makers including Fulton, Vulcan, Bealon, etc. Also included is a May's Patent cotter pin puller. 150 - 300
673. A PATENT CAM-LOCK BEVEL by Leonard Bailey. The body of this lever-lock device is marked with the patent date of March 19, 1872. The lever is in excellent condition on this well preserved example. 200 - 400
688. An interesting and unusual PATENT CORNER BRACE patented by Stephen McLellan of San Marcos, Texas on June 8, 1897. Although these are fitted with chucks marked with the Millers Falls Company name, they were likely added to braces produced independently by the patentee. This one is complete, with most nickel remaining. A most unusual patented corner brace in superb condition. 100 - 200
722. A "CLIMAX" PATENT BARREL DEVICE by the A.L. Swett Iron Works, Medina, New York, patented January 6, 1880. All of the early graphics are clearly visible on this patented barrel holding device. 40 - 80
760. This level incorporates the December 3, 1889 patent of W.B. MELLICK of St. Louis, Missouri in a body of laminated fruitwood. The face of the nickel plated inclinometer dial is imprinted with the Mellick name and patent information. A good one. 200 - 400
768. A PATENT PIVOT HEAD WRENCH by Ellis, patented November 3, 1903, in the extremely rare 6" size. 150 - 300
774. A HOLLY'S PATENT JOINTER PLANE by Silsby, Race & Holly, Seneca Falls, New York, Patented July 6, 1852. This plane is identical in all respects to the plane shown on page 38 of Patented and Transitional Planes in America, V. 1, including the sheared tote--an indication that this may have been an element of the design, rather than evidence of misuse. The wooden insert is missing from the back of the plane, but it is othwise clean and sound. A nice example of one of the earliest patented planes. 1200 - 2400
776. A most unusual HAYWORTH'S PATENT smoothing plane by the Birmingham Plane Manufacturing Company. This most unusual smoothing plane version of this tool is complete, original and marked with the patent date of November 7, 1893. A rare patented smoothing plane in excellent collector quality condition. 250 - 500
780. An extraordinary pre-Civil War quick-adjust nut wrench by E.S. Scripture, New Haven, Connecticut, patented April 13, 1858. This mechanically complex and spectacularly well preserved wrench captures with in itself the essence of early American technology that makes a collectible tool truly great: It has been carefully hand made with a degree of mechanical complexity far beyond anything required of a simple working tool; it has been precisely fitted and finished to a high standard of perfection; it is clearly marked with both the maker name and the patent date; and it is in essentially the same condition as it was the day it was first completed. Absolutely the best patented wrench we have ever been privileged to offer for sale. Magnificent. 1500 - 3000