More of the Galootapalooza Recap

Galoots descend on the violin shop of Augustino Napoli, Chicago.

Is there any doubt we are in a violin shop? These violins are awaiting repairs and/or restoration.

Augustino, his templates and electricly heated bending jig.

Mike Lindgren investigates something while Russ Allen, Joe Palazzollo and Steve Kordik look on.

Tools and template for carving the neck.

More jigs, templates and a violin front.

The back of a violin under construction.

Closeup of the violin back.

The inside of the violin.

Group shot left to right: Tod Herrli, Joe Palazzolo, Steve Kordik, Russ Allen, and violin maker Augustino Napoli.

Not pictured: Mike Lindgren and the pizzas Augustino cooked for us. He'll have a fine career as a pizza chef if the violin thing doesn't work out! Thank you Augustino for a very memorable afternoon.
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