From the June 25, 2002 ABC Foundry Auction lot 76: "Del-Bro Shaper"

The black box at the bottom of the picture above is a core box.

That's the cutter head on the table. It has a left handed thread as promised in the pattern papers. There is a tiny lathe like bit on shaft though it is hard to see. This setup allows radi smaller than the cutter head to be made. That's a US quarter (about an inch in diameter) on the table for scale.
Markings on the machine:
CB104 Del Bro
Glover Mfg co
Meadville PA
The only adjustment is for the table height and the fence position.
The motor drives the shaft by a pulley with no speed adjustment.

Some background information:

I bought this machine at a foundry auction. It pains me to admit that I did not know exactly what I bought- but the price was certainly right. It was billed as a shaper- I had hoped it was a metal shaper. As it turns out, there is a patent number on the machine. The US government has fortunately put the patents on a web site. One click later I realize that I am the proud owner of a patented "Machine For Making Core Boxes". Click on the patent number above! (note you will need a tiff plug-in for your browser as explained here). Update: The patent can be viewed at google patents without a tiff viewer!

I collect and use pattern makers tool. I couldn't be happier now that I know what the machine is for!

I had had stuff cast at that foundry this machine came from. The purchase was somewhat sentimental - I didn't quite believe its description as a shaper. The last owner of the foundry was the great-grandson of the founder. It was a real shame that the place closed up. I was happy to get a few things at the auction- now I'm even happier.

The patent was issued September 18, 1951
It looks like they are still in business. From a google search:
Glover Mfg Co
3 Raymond Dr
Meadville, PA 16335
More information about the foundry:

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