Scraper plane by Galoot Scott Grandstaff

This plane is the result of a galoot collaboration. Scott needed a little casting help. Click here to read Scott's oldtools post about it.

body hogged out of 3" channel. That's a replacement tote for a Stanley 85 made by
Paul Bordonaro (contact info on the Electronic Neanderthal). Scott says:
Just to answer a few questions..... It's inbetween the size of a #4 and a 4 1/2. I'm lazy. Pushing a really wide plane ain't my style. It's all rosewood stuffing and yes, the tote tilts waaaaaaaay over if you want.

Frog and lever cap patterns made by Scott.

Back sides of the patterns
I emailed him instructions and encouragement on how to make the patterns.

Cool picture showing the patterns where the cast pieces will go!

Patterns on the top row, bronze castings on the bottom row. Click
here to see the source metal.

The finished plane.

Click here to see a copy of the body being cast. The plane's body was used as a pattern so I could cast more -
and so I could return the plane to Scott! The plan is to use the aluminum copy as a pattern.