Here is a router plane from an Mjd auction SL1. It's lot 690

bottom view

The rest of my router collection err I mean working set- if only Norm had as many!:

Clockwise from the top left: amt router set purchased from Tony Seo, my "patented router", mjd auction router, real Stanley 71 and 271, Andy router from St. James Bay Tool Co., small aluminum router (note bullnose alternate blade position to the right). Center: Brass recast of a Stanley 71.

Here's another router that followed me home from a tool meet. It's marked 'Patent Applied For'

Here's a closed throat router (foreground) I received as a gift. That's my recast 71 in the background. They are the same size.

bottom view of the closed throat router.

Here's a pair of router planes I bought at a tool meet. The seller would only sell them as a set. The smaller one is 3 1/8" wide, the larger 7 1/2". It was supposed to the be give away at the St. Charles mwtca tool meet in the fall of 2005.

bottom view

Here's a picture of a router casting from St. James. It has the letters ANDY cast into it. This was how I bought it. The completed router is shown above in the group shot. It's the router above the one in the lower left corner. Better pictures coming soon.

4 5/8" wide router casting from St James Bay Tool Company. This one is a little bigger than the one above.

I also recast a Stanely 71 plane. Details here