These are images of patterns and/or castings that didn't seem to need a dedicated page to display them.

An ebay acquistion. It was advertised as a pattern. I haven't tried to have castings made but it appears to not have enough draft to be sand cast.

A Stanely tape measure. Not necessarily a pattern makers tool but still cool. It says "Charter Member Boltcutter's Club"

Chess set pattern. Acquired on ebay. It would be cast is a 12" by 18" flask.

A fillet cutter that I assume would be mounted in a vise.This would be used to cut leater into the proper shape to become fillets. Info on fillets.

289 fence pattern and castings. The mahogany pattern is at the bottom center

A handled round over tool with assorted radi tips and a small aluminum spokeshave

Some sort of anvil die? and an aluminum sand casting of whatever the die produced. It's marked Purdue so I'm guessing it was some sort of class project?

Tail stock pattern marked GB DHST 9-1.

Small 6" flask pattern (right lower) and iron castings (left side). The castings were made as a gift for the owner of a non ferrous foundy. I had originally made wooden flasks for use with the small pattern board in the next picture. They became baddly charred with use so I had iron castings made!

Small 6" Pattern board for use with the 6" flasks. The pattern is a carving of the ABC foundry's logo.

Clockwise from the upper left corner: A small core box plane, recast Stanley 71 router plane (bronze), two small planes, a recast Sargent router plane (aluminum). Info on recast tool.

Small hand tapper (ebay acquistion)

4 oz. hammer head. I am working on a pattern and core box to match this casting.

Moulding tools from a foundry.

Yet another ebay acquistion. Brass or bronze milling cutter similar to saftey planer (commercially available). It would be used in a drill press to plane wood.

Mahagony case for the mill cutter

A group of five 4" clamps

Adams & Nelson Co. Magnetic Brad Set. More info here.