Cast Plane Parts

Tod Herrli's dovetail plane with cast depth stop. The stop is a copy of an original from an antique fillister plane Tod owns.
Casting detail- as received from the foundry. (Tod buffed the stop shown above.) Backside of casting (left) and front side (right)
I also cast a similiar stop for Scott Post. This is an internal stop that would use a thumbscrew below. What is pictured is a mistake from the foundry. There should be a part projecting from the backside of the casting (which would project into the plane). The pattern broke at the foundry and I wound up with only one good casting (which I sent to Scott).
Original parts from a dado plane of mine used as patterns for new copies. I need to fix the thumbscrew pattern. The halves are out of alignment resulting in lopsided castings!
Castings from above patterns. The misaligmnent can be seen in the thumbscrew on its edge (lower right).
Castings from pattern shown here. It's the logo of the ABC foundry in Chicago (which has recently closed).