Patternmakers plane from Martin J. Donnelly's 1996 catalogue item AA-8

MJD's description:
Unmarked Patternmaker's Metallic Plane. Cast Brass Body. With original pattern. Length 9 inches. Here's a most interesting and showy patternmaker's core box plane[sic] (Martin this isn't a core box plane!) that was apparently in the process of being assembled. Present are the bronze plane which has been nicely fitted out with mahogany handles; the orignal mahogany pattern, which is finely detailed; and two of the interchangeable soles, one of which has been finished and the other which has had lines scribed for opening the throat but has not been completed. A collectible tool that will provide hours of speculation, conversation and enjoyment.

This item is now part of Russ' patternmaker's tool collection!

(Pictured from top to bottom is the original plane, new gunmetal casting and mahogany pattern!)

My other pattern maker's plane is shown here.