Russ' 51 PatternRuss' 51 casting
Rob's shooting board casting! Rob's quadrant and hold down castings

Galoots Russ Allen and Rob Kempinski teamed up via the internet to make the shooting board and shooting board plane shown in Jim Kingshott's book Making and Modifying Woodworking Tools (ISBN 0-946819-32-7). Russ made the shooting board plane pattern while Rob made the shooting board pattern, hold down pattern and quadrant pattern. Rob had the shooting board, quadrant, and hold down cast in iron at a foundry in Houston. Russ had the shooting board plane cast in iron at a foundry in Batavia, IL.

One cool pattern making tradition was maintained on this project: The guy who made the pattern received his casting free. The cost of his casting was split among the other people that received copies of the casting. There is nothing quite like getting a copy of your wooden pattern in metal for free!

New Images!
My machined planeShooting board cut from mild steel
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Now available:
Pictures of the Left Handed version of this plane and its wooden shooting board!

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