Upload a text file of patent numbers:
The file specified above will be uploaded from your computer. This page will look for anything that looks like a patent number: either four or more consecutive digits or something with commas 1,234,567 etc. The patent numbers will be converted to links in the left hand frame.

For those into perl style regular expressions, it searches for: (\d{4}\d*) or (\d{1,3}(,\d{3})+)\D/ Apologies to anyone searching for patent 1 to 999. Html or anything else in the file will be ignored.

Example: go into notepad and enter a couple of patent numbers. Save the file to your hard drive. Use the browse button above to select that file. Press submit. You'll then get shotgun links generated from your patent numbers. Clicks in the left hand frame will replace the contents of this frame with patent drawings.

Update: use Shotgun3(tm) on advanced searches you have saved locally!