Update: I've launched a new patent and trademark website! check out historicip.com It features a searchable database of OCR text of trademarks that are not available on uspto.gov as well as pdf's of US patents that aren't online.

Enter a patent starting point in the left hand frame and press enter. Clicks on the patent numbers returned will only work if you have loaded a tiff viewer like AlternaTiff. It is available free at http://www.alternaTiff.com. Clicks on the other links do not require a tiff viewer.

It is now possible to use the USPTO's advanced search to determine the first patent number issued for a given date. Example: To find the first patent issued on April 16th, 1901 you would do an issue date search in the entire database. All patent numbers issued on April 16, 1901 would be returned. The first utility patent issued on that date will be the last one listed on the last page returned. If you jump to the last page (enter the number of hits in the Jump To box) and scroll to the bottom you will see that the first patent issued that day was 671,947. If you enter that number in the box to the left links beginning with that number will be generated. Issue date searches can be specified as isd/yyyymmdd as in isd/19010416 or as isd/m/d/yyyy as in isd/4/16/1901 The box below will send your search to the USPTO site.

If you are looking for more information on X patents, check out shotgunx- many of the X patents are not online. The shotgunx page lists the ones that are online. There is also a link to datamp.org where there is data on some of the x patents that are not online.

Information about online patent searching can be found archived here. There are usually better ways to find a patent than using this tool!

My main patent page can be found here.

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