Subject: Making and Modifying WW Tools
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 1999 09:31:00 -0500
From: Russ Allen 
To: Jim Kingshott

Mr. Kingshott,

   I'm a big fan of your books and videos.  I especially enjoyed "Making
and Modifying Woodworking Tools".  I made the shooting board patterns and
had them cast.  I will be making shavings as soon as my machinist friend
cuts the throat!
   I recently made the mirror image patterns of the plane and quadrant. 
I know a left handed woodworker who, in his words, "wants to use a plane 
as God intended".  I thought I had dreamt up this incarnation of your 
plane.  In re-reading your book I noticed that the invention is yours.
If you look at the first color page you will see a left handed plane
and pattern!  (I'd assume the negative was reversed in printing).
   I would like to point out that "Making and Modifying" and 
"The Workshop" are not available in the US.  If you check with they think they are out of print.  Perhaps you or your publisher 
could straighten them out.  People here wind up paying about three times the 
list price to import copies directly from your publisher.  "Making and 
Modifying" went for five times list price at auction.
   I was disappointed that you won't be teaching at Marc Adam's woodworking
school this year.  I showed Marc your bench plane videos and begged him to 
contact you.  You have a faithful following here in the US and via the 
internet.  You would have no trouble selling out any class you choose 
to teach.  
   In closing I'd like to mention that I have a web page devoted to
"Making and Modifying".  It lists some of the errors/omissions/inconsistencies
of the book.  It isn't meant to be negative- just informative.  My comments
include the left handed plane picture and the fact that the hold down is 
not shown on the line drawing page.  Fairly trivial matters.  I have
received and included comments from other people on the net.   Some positive,
some negative.  I'd be happy to include any comments you would care to make.
Perhaps a second edition could address these issues?  My web page is at:

Best regards,
Russ Allen