Champion Blower and Forge Co. Forge

The forge below is literally rusting out in the Arizona desert. It's part of the scenery at a tourist location. Clicks on the links to the left will bring up pages associated with this forge's patents.

The links are the patent number which brings up the first page of the patent (tiff viewer¹ required), a [D] link which checks for the patent in the database, a [U] link which will bring up a page showing the patent classification and a [S] link will bring up the patent specification page (generally the first non picture page showing among other things, the patentees name, city and state). The [G] link will bring up the patent at google where a tiff viewer is not needed.

¹AlternaTiff for Windows is available for free from, .

The first four are utility patents issued June 11, 1901. The remaining six are design patents issued July 30, 1901.
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