I received the following email and followup:

Dear Sir,

I was hoping that you could please keep an eye open, and also let anyone in the trade know that a large selection of japanese chisels, saws and planes as well as a set of Robert Sorby Bevel Edged Chisels, a handmade Chariot plane, block planes, Clifton Spokeshaves, Western saws mainly Disston and the old style Roberts and Lee, they will have a stamp on them saying KINGSHOTT or R.J.KINGSHOTT if you do come into contact with anything with those stamps on them I would be most grateful if you could let me know as a large selection of my tools and inherited ones where stolen on the 7th January out of my tool chest they were taken in the mahogany drawer units from inside the chest so these may also come up.

I am willing to pay for the return of any that come up. These will be very unusual due to the Kingshott stamp, and high quality of the tools. I would be most grateful due as these are tools I built up with the help of my Grandfather and have great meaning as well as the use I had with him.

Many thanks
Allan Kingshott
(Grandson of Jim Kingshott)

The extra information that people may be looking for:

the tools were stored on a business site in a lockup unit whilst i built a workshop at home. This was based on the Wiltshire/Dorset borders in the UK.

Luckily at the moment it just seems to be all my tools and half the insides of my chest (a copy of Jims), unfortunately alot of these were either made or given to me by Jim, like the small chariot plane and mitre plane in the Making and Modifying tools book. All of my saws and Jims Saws are missing, including handmade Japanese ones, as for power tools well they are replaceable so no worry there. I have alerted Pennyfarthing tools in Salisbury and will be off to local car boots today. But if anyone does hear of anything please mail me.

Again thanks for all the support on this very hard thing to deal with.
Allan Kingshott

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